A one day project.

With all of the more time-consuming projects, its nice to be able to crank something out in a matter of hours. I found two end tables/ night stands that were in good enough condition to re-do! My oldest slept in this morning, while my youngest was up at 6am! I started early, and luckily worked through nap time. The most time-consuming part about these tables, was the drying time. When working with chalk paint you want to do thin coats. I did about 8 coats per table, using the white paint. (I make my own chalk paint with plaster of paris.)

Before I could paint I did some minor sanding, glued some loose wood parts and clamped them overnight, and re-stapled the inside board liner. Then, I started painting!

The drawers are my favorite of the piece. Normally, I am “distress” happy. I was able to keep the white clean for a shabby chic look, while adding light tones to the dresser for some color detail.

The technique I used for the drawers was simple. Paint the drawer with the color, allow drying time, and then cover with the white paint. Before the paint dried, I would wipe the edges and face to get a “white wash” look. It’s easier to do while wet, as opposed to dry. When it was dry, I used the same damp cloth to get the distress look, rubbing gently enough to not take the paint completely off.

Normally, I would use sand paper… but I wasn’t looking for an antique look. I simply wanted to add some variation and color to the drawers.

Sorry about my lack of step-by-step pictures. I was amazed by the fact that my children allowed me so much free time, and took advantage of the situation!

But here are the end results!


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