Changing decor on a budget

I love decorating. I love it so much, that most of my time is spent looking for things that I can turn into something else. I enjoy browsing different websites in hopes to either find something on sale, or find inspiration for a “DIY.” Pottery Barn is my biggest weakness, along with Jonathon Adler, and don’t get me started on Anthropologie. If you haven’t caught on yet, these are expensive stores. Now, although pricey, you really do get what you pay for. We purchased a vanity for my daughter for Christmas, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Craftsmanship is on point, and the quality of the materials are very sturdy. Although we paid a pretty penny, it was worth every cent! Besides the high-end stores, I look elsewhere for basic decor needs. Target is a must, especially if you can find sale and clearance items. I’m not big on spray painting wood, but you’d be surprised what a 5 dollar can will do to small knick knacks and figurines! Next on the list (which is actually my starting point, ALWAYS) Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. These stores are constantly getting new shipments of household goodies. I do tend to see over priced items as well, but if you look hard enough, you can find some hidden gems. For instance; It took me about 2 hours around the store and multiple items to compare to this piece. I wanted something that had character, but still had that “country-modern” look. This is a good center piece because you can add small pieces to the top shelf, and in my case, eventually figure out an idea for the hooks. This was a $40.00 item, and being a bargain shopper, I reeaaally didn’t want to spend that much. Spending that much on a finished piece is totally different then having to give it a complete makeover. I was able to meet in the middle, because I had a great idea for it! I browsed the shelves for items that could be placed on top to add some more country charm. Luckily, I found a set of (6) glass coolers, which are similar to a mason jar. At $8.99 was a steal! It came with a nice wooden tray which I used in my kitchen window to hold my spice plants. The other jars will be used for different Decor ideas as well. It’s easier to buy things that can be dispersed throughout the home to help you save money! So, we are now at 50.00 with the total price for the glasses and shelving unit. It only took me about an hour (including drying time between coats) to paint, sand, and wax. Painting he jars took another 30 minutes. The flowers in the jars, were taken from a centerpiece I had originally used in my kitchen. If I saw this finished piece on Pottery Barn, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $200.00 dollar price tag attached to it!! That’s not even including the jars and flowers! So, with a total cost of 50.00, and the materials I already had on hand, I’d say this was a successful project! We’ll worth the money. I had some small decor that I recently spray painted white. Which saves me money because I can reuse them. I even refinished our coffee tables, which saved us money from having to buy new ones!  It’s amazing what a new paint job can do! I also enjoy trips to thrift shops, and antique stores! They can be very picked over, but if you go enough you are very likely to find a good bargain! Antique store- $15.00 wash board. It goes perfect with my “country-modern” theme. I can either add hardware to hang it, or prop it up against the wall. It’s already aged looking, which makes it worth the price! It’s needs very minimal work done to it.  This room is still a work in progress, but the best tip for decorating on a budget, is to start with what you have. Move things around the room until you find what works best for you.  You can always add along the way!    Thanks for reading!


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