The grey accent table

When I finish a more time-consuming project, I like to do smaller ones that can be completed in a matter of days, instead of weeks. That is when I start to look for items that are on the “budget friendly” side and are easy to flip! I don’t mind buying things that need work, but it’s more satisfying to get a piece, do minimal work, and sell!

This little end table got a makeover last weekend! You’ll have to excuse my lack of “step-by-step” pictures, because we had a power outage and that’s when I did most of my painting!

This was the original picture I received from the seller;

Of course, the second I brought it home, I sanded a couple rough spots, washed it down and gave it a fresh coat of paint!!

I gave it about 3-4 coats with a chalk paint mixture I made! The paint color is Ocean Current. Although the picture makes it look extremely purple, it actually has a grey look to it.

I painted the drawer the same color, and then painted another chalk paint over that. It is a very white-grey. I added a really nice touch to the middle shelf, by modge-podging scrapbook paper. I also added two coats of polycrylic to really seal and protect the paper. The draw was “antiqued” with sand paper, so that the grey and original color showed through.

I lined the inside of the drawer with paper as well. Finishing it with the 2 coats of polycrylic.

My favorite part about this piece is the variation between a clean solid color, and the antique drawer. Scrap book paper is a good way to add detail to a plain piece. Although I chose to put a basket to dress it up, it doesn’t need one!

I am enjoying the projects with the home-made chalk paint! My next project (1 out of the 4) Is probably my most exciting! I will be using the CeCe Caldwell brand of chalk paint. (pre-made) I also purchased the dark wax made by the same company. How cool are these antique dressers???

I have the privilege to give these a fresh new look!! Stay tuned for the finished product!

Thanks for reading!


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