A weeks worth of projects!

I have added a lot on my plate this week, my youngest will be turning 2, so I am making a beautiful princess cake. I also have 2 furniture projects, an end table, and coffee table. Both tables require a little more than just painting. One has an end that needs fixed, and the other has a leg that needs re-built! I have been off of the blog for a couple of days, but when I do come back, it will be with THREE finished projects!

Here’s a look at what I am getting myself into:

1.) Birthday cake


Something on the lines of this, is happening. I have already attempted the Tiara with Royal icing, and I have to admit, I’m in love!!

2.) Coffee Table

IMG_0083 IMG_0085 IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0098

Having to make a new leg for the table, and sand to paint. It’s very time-consuming.

3.) Night Stand/End table.

This is probably my second favorite of the two (Cake being first, of course.)

IMG_0143 IMG_0147

After I fix the back right corner, and finish sanding, I will be able to repaint! I have a couple of ideas for this one.

I will be posting 3 separate blogs on each project, stay tuned for the end results!!

Thanks for reading!


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