Making the most of Pinterest


It wasn’t until recently that I came to realize that I am a bad “pinner.” Pinterest is an amazing site full of ideas that breaks it down in “how to videos” and picture “step-by-step.” It’s incredible. However, if you’re like me, you’ve probably done 10 out of the 4,000 projects you have pinned. Now, its not that we don’t want to do all of these amazing projects, but its easier to pin 100 pins in a night and then say “I will go back and read that later.” Only to find yourself pinning 100 more.. and so on. So I come to the conclusion on how to actually make use of these pins. First off, I find that for myself, baking is the easiest to achieve. I spend 1/2 of my day cooking for my family, so the chance of me using a recipe is very likely. Crafting is next on the list because I would rather attempt to make something than to buy it for full retail price. This doesn’t mean I don’t pin everything that I see in hopes that someday I will be able to try it. Instead, I have separated those “get to laters” from the “I will do this tomorrow.” How? Well, lets start with my boards;


I have THE most generic boards. Everything is separated by category, and it couldn’t be any more basic.

So, I started to make a new board, a board that had hope.


This weeks projects! I could go through my current pins and re-pin if I wanted to finally attempt that recipe I found last April. Even better, I could control which projects and recipes I wanted to try without overwhelming myself. You don’t have start with 20 pins, especially considering my goal is weekly. If I wanted more time I could also have made it “monthly goals.” One of the biggest mistakes I find myself making is;

a.) Pinning something that I don’t have the materials to make

b.) Finding a project that I cannot physically achieve, whether it due to lack of supplies or talent.

c.) Getting into a lengthy project that I eventually either run out of time, interest, or put way to much money into. The whole point of the “DIY” is to save money, after all!

So, I started simple.


I have a small collection of scrap fabric, but I also have bags upon bags of baby clothes that are either stained or ripped. I can’t give them away, so why not repurpose! Im sure I can even find another pin on Pinterest to use the twine. This keeps me from having to postpone my first project, simply because, I have all the materials. Otherwise, I have to put it on hold until I make that trip to the store or receive an online shipment. It’s simple reasons like these that keep you from finishing projects.

Setting a small goal like this keeps your mind focused on one project at a time. I would be comfortable adding a recipe as well. Then, once I get better at multi tasking, build from there.

I think this is a great way to make the most of your Pinterest! Its a shame to go through my boards, only to realize I have some great ideas that got lost in the feed. I’ll let you know how that twine turns out on an upcoming post!

Thanks for reading!


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