Giving new life to an old nightstand

Pinterest has some wonderful “furniture update” ideas. It took me long enough to find a piece of furniture that I absolutely fell in love with, well, sorta. You see, I found a great looking nightstand from a buy-sell-trade page. Only problem is, it was spray painted black! And I must say it wasn’t properly done. Here is the nightstand before the upgrade;

As you can see it had potential to be a real beauty! I fell in love with the detail. Plus, I only paid 20 bucks! That’s a steal! From there I planned out exactly what I had in mind for this gem. That was easy, Annie Sloan paint followed by antiquing. I had previously seen sooo many posts about home made chalk paint. So I thought, why not! Well, let me be the first to say that practice makes perfect. Also, for this being my first project with this paint, I am pleased with the outcome!


I used a recipe from pinterest; water, plaster of Paris and white paint! How simple is that?

Get the recipe here!

Supplies not pictured:

Electric hand sander

Sand paper

Sand paper blocks

Wood stain (dark cherry)

Semi-gloss wood finish

Furniture wax

waxing brush

Here where I started!


I sanded the top with the electrical sander until the first picture turned into the second picture. It took a while to go from A to B. Remember, it was spray painted black and then had paint underneath. It was a lengthy process that took about 2 days to finish.

One of the HARDEST parts was sanding the detail along the edge of the top. I literally had to cut pieces of sand paper to fit in between every little nook and cranny. I’m also a perfectionist so that took about 4 days to get perfect.

Boom! Sanded it to my liking, so it was finally time to paint!



The first picture is about halfway through the first coat of paint. And the second is after two coats. Now, Annie Sloan chalk paint is infamous for being known as “the paint that doesn’t need a primer.” And although I believe it’s correct, I also painted over black. Therefore, I did about 5 coats!




And finally, after all of those coats, I used my sanding blocks to “antique” the edges of the wood.

Once I was pleased with the color and “antiqued” look it was time for the wax! I used this brush to spread the wax on in a circular motion, and you really only needed a small amount.


The end result? A beautiful finish that repels water.

The reason I waited to stain the top was because I wasn’t sure what the finished paint job would look like. I chose to go with a dark stain as opposed to the natural wood color. And the results are flawless!



I did 3 coats with a dark cherry stain with 2 hours of drying time in between each coat. I then let the stand sit overnight. Lastly I sanded the top down just enough to fix any imperfections in color, bubbles and stickiness. Then I did one last and final coat! I allowed 24 hours for drying time before I used a semigloss clear coat to finish it off.

I was extremely pleased with the results! I am currently in search of the perfect basket to put in the cubby space.

Thanks for reading!


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