First experience with Fondant

Last week I made cupcakes for a friends baby shower. It was a simple task; cake mixes, homemade whipped buttercream, and cupcake toppers made with fondant. This was my first time using fondant, and it won’t be my last!

The theme for the shower: Nautical. Sounds easy enough! It was, except, it would have been a lot easier if I would have thought to buy fondant tools. A sharp kitchen knife did the job but I will definitely be purchasing a tool kit.

I purchased a box of Wilton fondant, white fondant. I knew I loved fondant the second I took it out of the box! Since I bought a solid color I had to use gel food coloring to get those reds and blues. Although it worked fine there were two things you need to consider; stickiness and completely color dyed hands. I overcame those issues by using different pieces of wax paper for each color, different knives, and scrubbing my hands after making each color. If you don’t wash good enough, the color will bleed from your hand onto other fondant. Imagine going from red fondant to the white, you will get pink! So although this did the job, I will definitely be buying the color fondant needed in the future. It wasn’t worth the time and scrubbing. Not to mention the amount of color I had to use.

Now that I had my colors it was time to create! Now, since I had a simple kitchen knife I was not able to do the extravagant detail I would have liked to. I stuck to simple shapes.

In the end I was happy with my first fondant trial. They nicely topped of the homemade buttercream icing!
Get the recipe here:

Here’s the results!



And went great with the party theme!



Thanks for reading!


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