All it needs is a little TLC!

…I know, another Annie Sloan paint chalk project. I LOVE how the nightstand turned out and I just so happened to be in the garage today, so this happened..


As you can see, this is a stool. A regular wooden Walmart stool. I love this stool. It has so many uses! However, it is in dire need of an update. The color? Well, my kitchen has colors ranging from mint green, light blue, turquoise, and sea foam green. And seeing how it is kept in the kitchen, I see a blue-green color most fitting. Robin egg blue.


Note- The tiles were also made by me! Another easy project that used paint, scrapbook paper, modpodge, and square canvas. I love this color scheme. You can do so much with these shades of blues and greens without getting lost in the different patterns! I try and keep it simple patterns on bold colors. Make a statement! However, If anyone is interested in this little project, I can always make a post!

Back on track now…

Down to the nitty gritty;

Lightly sanded with my sanding block, just to get any crud off the stool so it was smooth enough to paint,

I used the exact same recipe as posted in my previous nightstand blog! Same idea; plaster of Paris, paint and hot water.


Once again, this called for multiple coats. Especially since I was completely covering the chair for a clean look. No antiquing or multiple colors. Just a solid color. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do some crazy things to this stool (different colored legs, top) but I really want to bring out the colors in my kitchen so I wanted something bold.

First couple coats barely covered the brown..


and then the next…


and another…


..until I finally achieved the desired color! And I would say it took about 5 coats.


After painting, I let the stool sit for 30 minutes, and sealed the chalk paint with the wax (Also used in my first blog!!) which makes it nice and water resistant.

Note- It was also very easy to clean when my daughter decided to drag her dirty hands over the top of the stool! Just some warm water and it took it right off!


I am once again pleased with the outcome. I can’t get over how easy this stuff is! If only my husband knew that I am secretly eyeing all of our wooden furniture in the house, and coming up with ways I’d like to “Fix” the look. There’s training coming up sometime, right?

Thanks for reading!


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